Only use your trucks for three months of the year and wonder how the hell you got caught up in all the Bureaucratic red tape?

Really don't have a clue what you have to do to look after your Mass and Maintenance Accreditation?

Find yourself wondering if all the paperwork is actually worth it?

Or if you reckon you've got a pretty good handle on things but the wheels tend to fall off when you're not using your trucks and you find yourself filling out a year's worth of Quarterly Compliance Reports in one go and wishing there was an easier way

aimspro Transport is for you!

aimspro Transport is a complete smart management system for your Mass & Maintenance Accreditation

aimspro Transport is your personal assistant and the brains of the operation all in one.

You'll never miss a Quarterly Compliance Report again and aimspro Transport will hound you until you finally do that verification you've been avoiding for three years (yes, we know about it!)aimspro Transport will manage your Viterra Card, Ag in Compliance and all your other licenses, it will even email you to remind you they need renewing and sit on the dashboard until you've updated them with the new ones.

aimspro Transport will look after your vehicle registrations as well, you can even use it for vehicles that aren't on your accreditation. aimspro Transport knows if you need annual inspections or if you're on accreditation and when your rego is due to expire and it'll remind you!

And the best part, aimspro Transport will manage your accreditation! Whether you've just joined or you've been accredited for years, whether your modules expiry dates are aligned or they're all over the place, aimspro Transport will remind you when your Quarterly Compliance Reports are due, when it's time to do your Internal Review and most importantly when your Audits are due. aimspro Transport will even give you the form to fill out and send to the NHVR and a list of The Compliance Lady recommended Auditors.

And all of this will be clear and visible on your main dashboard so you always know where you're at and what needs doing.

Each section of aimspro Transport can be exported to create employee, vehicle and accreditation lists for your auditor.

aimspro Transport is also easily upgraded to incorporate other AimsPro modules such as, AimsPro-Mass, AimsPro-Maintenance and AimsPro-Fatigue

Let aimspro Transport take the hassle out of...

Transport Compliance

Keeping your staff, customers, and clients safe is every business' top priority. aimspro Transport helps you sleep well at night knowing that everyone's compliance certifications are up-to-date.

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Vehicle Management

Never forget your registration or let your accreditation expire again. aimspro Transport ensures you know exactly when everything is due.

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Customer Management

Gain easy access to the entire service history of every one of your customers. View the customer assets you manage, and get insights allowing you to deliver a better service for everyone.

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Asset Management

Never miss the service deadline for a managed asset again; aimspro Transport ensures that you stay on top of what needs to be done and when.

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Employee Management

Safely keep records for all your employees in one place, including individual compliance certificates for each member of your team. aimspro Transport will let you and each of your staff members know when their licence or accreditation requires renewal.

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Job Management

Stay abreast of what each member of your team is currently working on, and what's up next. Easily keep an accurate record of the work that everyone does, ensuring every hour of billable time actually gets billed.

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