Are you overwhelmed with your current onboarding process?

Is it a maze of forms and checklists so nothing is missed?

Do you manage subcontractors and often lose track of their WorkCover, licenses and insurance details?

Are you a subcontractor and wish you had a system where your contractors could easily access your WorkCover, Insurances, On site Vehicles and employee qualifications without spending hours updating and sending emails to everyone you work for every time they change?

Do you wish you had one central database to manage all of your vehicles, employees and company certifications?

Let aimspro take the hassle out of...

Compliance Management

Keeping your staff, customers, and clients safe is every business' top priority. aimspro helps you sleep well at night knowing that everyone's compliance certifications are up-to-date.

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Vehicle Management

Never forget your registration or let your accreditation expire again. aimspro ensures you know exactly when everything is due.

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Customer Management

Gain easy access to the entire service history of every one of your customers. View the customer assets you manage, and get insights allowing you to deliver a better service for everyone.

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Asset Management

Never miss the service deadline for a managed asset again; aimspro ensures that you stay on top of what needs to be done and when.

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Employee Management

Safely keep records for all your employees in one place, including individual compliance certificates for each member of your team. aimspro will let you and each of your staff members know when their licence or accreditation requires renewal.

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Job Management

Stay abreast of what each member of your team is currently working on, and what's up next. Easily keep an accurate record of the work that everyone does, ensuring every hour of billable time actually gets billed.

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  • Manage the onboarding process from one central location
  • Assign access controls to your clients so they can view your Certificates of Currency and site employee qualifications etc
  • Assign employees and vehicle to workgroups so your clients only see the things relevant to their job and you know who is assigned to what project.